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     Student Success

A ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ                                Affiliated with The Orlando Institute

Secrets of Success

1. Attendance - Each student is expected to attend and participate in every class. Attendance is required. When you are absent from class, you miss important notes, explanations, information, special instructions, fun, and class discussions. Relying on classmates to provide you with what youíve missed is not always satisfactory. You will be awarded 10 points for each class that you attend.

2. Starting time - Class begins promptly. Roll is taken at the beginning of each class. If you are not seated by the beginning of class you will have your choice of consequences; 1) be marked absent for that day and lose 10 points or 2) dance or sing for one minute to the music of the instructorís choice and earn 10 points.

3. Assignments - Assignments are due at the beginning of the evening. Every written assignment will be collected and scored. No assignments will be accepted after the class has begun. This includes the Bible memory verses.
Due dates are not negotiable.

4. Save your work - Each student is expected to keep good class notes and to keep a record of his or her progress. Please save all returned, graded assignments so that you can verify what you have handed-in and verify graded work

5. Identify your work - Please make sure your name is on every sheet and disk you hand in. Papers with no name will be discarded. You are responsible for making sure you get back everything you hand in.

6. Planning - Donít get behind in the course. Life is a series of daily decisions. Every decision you make has consequences. Make sure you plan plenty of time for working on assignments and studying for tests. Class work and assignments cannot be started the day before they are due. In addition, remember that the very nature of computer networks is that they go down; and they go down exactly at the same time you need them most! Your inability to plan your time well is no excuse for not meeting deadlines.
Deadlines are not negotiable.

7. Distractions - Common courtesy dictates that beepers will not beep, telephones will not ring, and portable CD players will not be played during class time.

8. We believe that teaching is more than talking. Therefore, it is our responsibility to develop teaching methods, tools, and activities that make the learning experience understandable, easy, and fun. However, we also believe that learning is more than listening. Your responsibility in this contract is to actively participate, memorize your verses, bond with your team, and learn well what we discover about walking intimately with our Savior. Together, we can be successful.


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