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     How grades are earned
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There are four tests scheduled for this semester. There are two in the Bible track and two in the ministry track. They are open book, open notes, essay tests.

Diploma students are graded on a pass/fail basis. A passing grade is 65% or greater.

Masters degree students will be graded on a criterion reference with the following scale:

Grade Scale
> 89%  = A
> 79%  = B
> 69%  = C
> 59%  = D

Course Grades

Your work will be given a numerical grade.

Homework (20) 100 points
Tests (4) 100 points
Attendance (15) 100 points
Teamwork 100 points
Fieldwork Checklist 100 points

Besides the homework, quizzes and attendance, you will notice 100 points will be awarded for teamwork. It should be the goal of every team to ensure that
   1) each team member completes the course,
   2) that all the work is understood and completed
        by every team member, and
   3) that the talents and contributions of each team
       member are appreciated and recognized.

 There is a total of 500 points possible.

Grade Scale
> 89%  = A
> 79%  = B
> 69%  = C
> 59%  = D

  • Handing in something even if it is an incomplete has more value than handing in nothing. Failure to hand in an assignment on time will result in a zero. Your grade may be able recover from a low score; but a zero is devastating to an average.
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